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Superfeet Unisex FLEX Insole
Superfeet Unisex FLEX InsoleSuperfeet Unisex FLEX Insole

Superfeet Unisex FLEX Insole



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The Superfeet FLEX product is the latest addition to an already comprehensive range and is specifically designed as an entry-level price point for those looking to try an insole for the first time. It is also a great product for those looking for a lighter, softer insole that isn’t quite as supportive as the main trim-to-fit or custom range.

The Superfeet flex comes in three versions:
-Flex High – Which features 5mm durable Aerospring foam, so perfect for footwear that is fairly spacious.
-Flex Mid – Featuring 4mm Aerospring foam, so will take up a little less volume.
-Flex Low – Uses 3mm Aerospring foam, making the insole very compact for shoes that have less space in them.